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Strategic Environmental Assessment

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The West Midlands Local Transport Plan (LTP) has been subjected to a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), in accordance with European Directive 2001/42/EC. This was subsequently transposed into English law in July 2004 through Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes Regulations.

SEA is a systematic process which which assists local authorities in the identification, assessment and mitigation of a plan’s significant environmental effects. The stated objectives of the SEA Directive are to:

Provide for a high level of protection of the environment; and contribute to the integration of environmental considerations in the preparation and adoption of plans and programmes with a view to promoting sustianable development Article 1

The first stage of the process was to document the current state of the environment, identify any trends and prepare a baseline. The relationship between the LTP and other environmental policies and strategies was also considered in order to identify environmental issues, problems and opportunities. This is known as the scoping stage and its findings were presented in a Scoping Report, which was subsequently consulted on with statutory consultees and other stakeholders.

The findings of this consultaion were used to identify a number of objectives against which the strategies and policies of the Provisional LTP (July 2005) could be assessed. Independent consultatnts undertook the actual assessment objectively with its findings being presented in an Environmental Report and six Technical Appendices. The is also avalable as a Non-Technical Summary.

The findigs of the Envirnmental Report and consultation were then used to amend the Final LTP prior to its formal submission to DfT in March 2006. Finally, it was necessary to document the influence of the SEA process identify a framework for monitoring environmental effects; this information is presented in the SEA Statement.

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