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West Midlands Road Safety

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The safety of road users and the reduction of casualties from road traffic collisions are absolutely key objectives of LTP2. Our vision for the Metropolitan Area includes being “a safer community with fewer road accidents and environments in which people feel secure.” Road safety is not only practised within specific local authority functions such as road safety engineering or education, but is also incorporated into linked strategies and programmes such as highway maintenance, Red Routes, Safer Routes to School, travel awareness, cycling and in joint work with other outside bodies.

Since the inception of the Local Transport Plan process (2001), we have led the other English metropolitan areas in terms of reducing accident casualties. This was recognised in our designation by the DfT as a Centre of Excellence for Integrated Transport (Casualty Reduction and Driver Training).

The Government set national targets for casualty reduction in the ten year plan These included:

A 40% reduction in all Killed and Seriously Injured casualties from the 1994-98 average by 2010.

A 50% reduction in Child Killed and Seriously Injured casualties from the 1994-98 average by 2010.

However due to our success we adopted even more challenging targets in LTP2

A further 30% reduction in all KSIs from 2004 to 2010

A further 35% reduction in Child KSIs between the 2002-04 average and the 2008-10 average.

A 10% reduction in slight casualties from 2004 to 2010.

To reduce the rate of Powered Two-Wheeler casualties by more than the national average from 2008/09 onwards.

Key elements of our strategy

The Road Safety Statement in LTP2 outlined the following elements of our approach: