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WM Joint Committee

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The West Midlands Joint Committee has been formally constituted by the District Councils to discharge specific functions concerning the West Midlands.

The Committee comprises seven voting members, one from each district, who meet as necessary to co-ordinate actions on important issues and to provide a vehicle for communicating these actions to Government and other influential bodies.

The West Midlands Local Transport Plan, and its implementation, is just one such issue that the Joint Committee considers. The Local Transport Plan is a strategic document in terms of its policies, objectives and targets and it is because of this that the LTP is submitted by West Midlands Joint Committee on behalf of the seven district authorities and Centro, the Passenger Transport Authority to the Department for Transport (DfT).

Consideration of strategic planning and tranbsportation issues have been delegated to the West Midlands Planning and Transportation Sub-committee . Decisions, papers and reports may be found using the link on that page.