Congestion Target Delivery Plan

Our Congestion Target Delivery Plan sets out how we propose to tackle congestion over the period of our 2006 Local Transport Plan . In our LTP2 strategy framework we stated ‘Our key focus is tackling congestion in order to support the sustainable regeneration and other policy aims of the Metropolitan area‘. The basis for this focus resulted from our consultation responses

Our Delivery Plan includes a target and an initial programme of activities to achieve it. Our target – ‘On target routes, in the AM peak (0700 – 1000) accommodate an increase in travel of 4% with a 5% increase in journey times between 2005 and 2011‘ has been established using forecasts from our ‘Policy Responsive Integrated Model’ (PRISM), based on assumptions regarding developments, the impact of committed major schemes, modal shift from ‘hearts and minds’ expenditure and a programme of minor schemes. These were assessed with the potential disruptive effects during construction and of major maintenance schemes. Our target is consistent with the DfT’s Public Sector Agreement 4. Some of our programme initiatives, in partnership with our stakeholders, are already underway.

We have also estimated the trajectory that congestion levels will follow as we achieve our target. The DfT will assess our progress, compared to this trajectory, and award additional reward funding accordingly.

Progress is to be monitored on a 6 monthly basis. A copy of the 6 monthly reviews can be downloaded from the section below.

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