LTP3 Formal Consultation

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What is a Local Transport Plan?

A Local Transport Plan (LTP) is where we look at the transport needs of the Metropolitan Area and set out a way forward to deliver those needs through short, medium and long term transport solutions.

The LTP will also set out how our transport network can play its part in the transformation of the West Midlands economy. It will demonstrate how this will bring real benefits to people through its contribution to economic revival, creation of jobs, improved accessibility, improved local and national connections by road and rail and better quality of life.

Where can I see the LTP?

All of the documents used in the consultation process are available to download in the ‘Downloads’ section below. Please click here to be taken to the page containing the final version of the LTP documents.

If you would like a copy of the documents in a form more suited to your needs, please contact us: (0121) 214 7214 or customerrelations@centro.org.uk

My views?...

The consultation period ran from 29 November 2010 through to 31 January 2011. During which we met over 1,000 people face to face at a number of drop in sessions which were held throughout all seven Districts. There also were three special Transport User Forums held in Coventry, Birmingham and Wolverhampton.