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MATTISSE...The green light for integrated traffic management

The MATTISSE (Midlands Advanced Transport and Telematics Information System for Strategies in Europe) is an Integrated Transport Systems (ITS) project, which provides traffic and travel information by bringing together eight UK regional authorities, covering the nation’s “crossroads” in the Midlands, with the aim of providing co-operative management and control strategies.

A flexible communications network provides a common platform for information sharing. MATTISSE enables up-to-the-minute travel information to be exchanged easily between local authorities, allowing them to respond more quickly and efficiently to travel problems.

The MATTISSE System…

MATTISSE is a unique system that integrates systems belonging to operators such as Police Control Centres, Highways Agency, National Traffic Control Centre (NTCC), Urban Traffic Control (UTC) Centres, Local Authorities and Public Transport Operators to provide fully integrated traffic & travel information. It was originally conceived and developed by a consortium of eight Midlands Local Authorities: Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Leicester, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton.

The current strategy is to continually develop MATTISSE to add additional interfaces to enhance the MATTISSE data. The system is also being enhanced to provide tools (such as
reporting congestion) to help Traffic Managers meet the Traffic Management Act (2004) and Local Transport Plans requirements.

Current Developments are:

Ongoing developments will focus on the provision of more comprehensive information from motorway networks, urban roads and public transport in an extended area, as well as collecting and displaying congestion information to assist the Traffic Managers.

Future Developments are: