Local Transport Plans


As requested by DfT a Provisional LTP was submitted in July 2005. Since then the document has been through a consultation period, amended and subsequently approved by all of the district councils in the West Midlands, including Centro. The final document was submitted to DfT on 30th March 2006.

Hard copies of the document will be available at public libraries throughout the West Midlands at the end of April and electronically online in a variety of formats…

West Midlands LTP (March 2006)


The introduction of Local Transport Plans (LTPs) was announced in the White Paper A New Deal for Transport: Better for Everyone (DETR, July 1998). Devised at local level in partnership with the community, LTPs set out 5-year comprehensive integrated transport strategies for their area, linked to local development and regeneration proposals. They also contain costed programmes to improve local transport, used as the basis for making capital allocations to local highway authorities.

A draft LTP was first produced in 1999. The first full LTP was submitted in July 2000 and was intended to be a five-year programme for the development of transport infrastructure in the West Midlands. Since the plan was submitted there have been significant changes in the economic, planning and transport scene within the conurbation including publication of the draft Regional Planning Guidance, new economic policies, the establishment of Regeneration Zones and, importantly, publication of the West Midlands Area Multi Modal Study (WMAMMS).

These changes meant that we could not wait until the end of the five- year period before reviewing the LTP. Moving with the Times – A Strategy for a new West Midlands Local Transport Plan was prepared in 2002 for approval by West Midlands Joint Committee which led to the submission of Moving with the Times – West Midlands Local Transport Plan in July 2003.

DfT formally requested that Local Transport Plans should be prepared and submitted in July 2005 and stated that those authorities who submitted early in 2003 need not re-submit their LTP’s in 2005. West Midlands Joint Committee agreed, however, that the West MNidlands should resubmit their LTP and this was duly accomplished in July. An HTML version of the document may be viewed by clicking on this link . A PDF version of the document may be downloaded by selecting the appropriate link below …