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Local Transport Plan (LTP 2006): Consultation Autumn 2005

This is where you can respond online to the questions we have asked as part of our final consultation on the West Midlands LTP 2006. If you wish to comment more generally, or on specific issues, go to the Provisional LTP web page .

You may have received a leaflet with a freepost address to send your response back to. This facility is so that you can respond online instead of mailing a response back. If you have already mailed a response back, please do not fill out an online response as well.

You will have to register (or log in if already registered) before you can fill out your response.

Click on the link below to open the questionnaire.

>>Open questionnaire…

Please note: the closing date for submission of questionnaire was 9th December 2005 however responses will continue to be received until mid-day on Thursday 22nd December 2005.