LTP3 Regulatory Assessments

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Third Local Transport Plan for the West Midlands – Statutory Assessments

The third West Midlands Local Transport Plan must be accompanied by a number of statutory assessments in order to inform decision making. These are as follows:

Integrated Sustainability Appraisal

In accordance with the SEA Directive, the significant environmental and sustainability effects of the Draft LTP3 have been assessed and are recorded in the Sustainability Report.

In addition to considering environmental matters, wider issues such as health, equalities, spatial planning and the economy are considered. A freestanding Health Impact Assessment has not been undertaken as health issues have been integrated within the wider ISA. Department for Transport guidance suggests this approach and it was also endorsed by stakeholders when setting the scope of the assessment.

This Sustainability Report has been coordinated independently and prepared alongside Draft LTP3 by the West Midlands Chief Engineers and Planning Officers Group (CEPOG) Support Team, drawing on expertise from a wide range of individuals and organisations. Your attention is particularly drawn to Section 7, which summarises the likely environmental / sustainability effects of implementing LTP3 and suggests mitigation and enhancement measures in accordance with the SEA Directive’s requirements.

The contents of this report are not a statement of Centro’s position or policy. In order to meet statutory requirements the report’s recommendations will be carefully considered, along with any comments on them and the Draft LTP3 when preparing a final version, which will be published by 31st March 2011. A further statement will subsequently be published setting out how this process and consultation results have been taken into account; again this is a requirement of the SEA Directive.

Technical appendices will be added shortly.

Habitats Regulations Assessment

In order to comply with the Habitats Directive an HRA Screening Report has been prepared to establish whether Draft LTP3 is likely to impact on any sites of European significance. In order to avoid duplication and to ensure consistency this has drawn on work done in support of local authorities’ Core Strategies.

A copy of this report is enclosed which concludes that no further assessment is required. Centro has considered this report and the supports its conclusions.

Equalities Impact Assessment

A stand alone Equalities Impact Assessment has been prepared by Centro’s Equality Team. This meets the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and considers the likely impact of implementing LTP on the identified equalities groups; for completeness, the headline findings of the EqIA are included in this Sustainability Report.

Your comments on these documents would be welcome by 31st January 2011. Please could you send these to:

Simon Rowberry
Interim Leader of CEPOG Support Team
Centro House
16 Summer Lane
Birmingham B19 3SD

Email: Simon Rowberry

If you wish to discuss any technical matters relating to either report please contact Andy Donnelly, telephone: 0121 214 7338 or email: Andrew Donnelly