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Walsall Town Centre Transport Package

Promoting Authority: Walsall MBC

Location: A4148 Littleton Street, Walsall

Description: This scheme consists of a series of interlinked junction improvements along a 2.1 km section of the A4148 north of Walsall town centre. An extra carriagewaywill be built to the wset and north of the current road between Moat Road and the Arboretum junction. To accomodate this road widening a new railway bridge will be constructed on Littleton Street West adjeacent to the existing bridge. Compulsory Purchase and Side Road Orders were confirmed in late 2004 following a public inquiry.

Status: Under construction

Gross cost: £17,442 k
Net cost: £17,442 k

Start date: Jul-06
Finish date: Jan-08

Further Information: Walsall’s web site