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West Midlands UTC has been approved (24-03-2006)

This Scheme seeks to make more efficient use of existing infrastructure and reduce congestion on the network.  It will make traffic signals more efficient, provide a common platform for bus priority measures, deliver more variable message signs and create a technical platform which enables intelligent transport services to be deployed.

The objectives of the Scheme include improving efficiency of the highway network in order to increase journey reliability.  The environmental impacts include improving air quality by reducing stationary and stop-start traffic which in turn has a positive effect on air quality, noise levels and fuel efficiency.

Accessibility and road safety will be increased through improving the traffic flow which will also improve bus reliability whilst juntion improvements will provide better facilities for people with disabilities, cyclists and pedestrians.  More reliable journey times will benefit the movement of people and goods across the entire West Midlands network.

The project has been developed in partnership with the police, Highways Agency and public transport operators.