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LTP2 Delivery Report 2006-2008

This Delivery Report is submitted to meet DfT’s requirements and not only looks back at
what has been achieved so far, but also looks forward as to how the remainder of our
programme will be delivered. This includes an assessment of lessons learnt and, where
targets are not yet ‘on track’, a programme of remedial actions together with a risk

In line with DfT advice, the findings of the final Delivery Report have been shared with
each of the Local Strategic Partnerships established in our Area.

At the end of the LTP1 periods, Authorities were required to submit a Delivery Report
setting out progress towards objectives and targets. We submitted this in July 2006 and
it was assessed as ‘Very Good’, putting us in the top half of LTP performance across the
country. Also in 2006, our LTP2 was assessed as ‘Excellent’ alongside just one quarter
of all other LTP2s and we were one of only two metropolitan LTP2s in this top category.
These two ratings secured additional funding for implementation.